joan-and-mike-crop-bwWelcome to our PASSION.

With a passion for hospitality, Mike and Joan Doble founded The Explorium Brewpub in 2016.  Mike grew up traveling the world as a child of the military; Joan is a Wisconsin girl with strong roots in Milwaukee. A few years ago in 2014, they ventured to Florida to lend a hand in the family brewpub business in Tampa, FL. Armed with new-found knowledge and experience, Mike and Joan came back home to Wisconsin in late 2015 to develop a brewpub of their own bringing together the best of their experiences. They are grateful for the support of their family and partners who helped make this all possible.

Why the name The Explorium? We believe humans are endowed with an innate desire to learn about the world around us. We are certain that folks like Livingstone, Shackleton, and Earhart would have loved a place to gather around a fire, lift a glass in toast, and enjoy learning about each other’s discoveries. These were bold humans who lived in different eras and hailed from different lands, but all were endowed with an innate desire to explore and discover new people and places. The famous explorers of our past inspire us to travel to new places, meet new people, enjoy new customs, and try new flavors. Come gather around the fire, share your tales of travels near and far while exploring the flavors of hand crafted beer and food inspired by cuisines from around the world with plenty of homegrown roots.

 The Explorium is the gathering place we created for all who love to explore, taste, and discover all of the possibilities our world has to offer.


Amanda Haskins

General Manager, Greendale

Amanda's tireless energy drives all of our staff to excellence, every day. Her personal touch makes sure everyone feels welcome at The Explorium Brewpub.

Chef Marie Schroeder

Chef, Greendale

Chef Marie comes to us with a broad range of casual dining experience and makes the best fish fry in the city! You'll find her on the cooking line making sure your meals are flawless, every time.

Kyle Ciske

Head Brewer, Greendale

Kyle's expertise in the creation of unique beers is well proven with nearly 15 years of experience. The brewhouse is his canvas to create liquid masterpieces.

Matt McCulloch

General Manager, Third Ward

Matt is a brewpub guy! He knows what beer you want, sometimes before you do. His focus is creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for a first date, or your second time this week in our pub!

Chef Amanda LaLuzerne

Chef, Third Ward

Chef Amanda tirelessly works to be sure every menu item is constantly improved and comes to you at the best value possible. She loves checking tables to be sure her creations well received by guests.

Ryan Burac

Head Brewer, Third Ward

Ryan has traveled the country and world gaining professional brewing experience in a vast array of styles. His brewery is turning out unique takes on familiar styles, all executed flawlessly.

Chef Nick Scheeler

Executive Chef & Sales Representative

Chef Nick is our resident culinary anthropologist. He seeks that spot where food and beer meet to create the perfect marriage of flavors. He also is our brand ambassador and one-man distro chain!


Brewery tours are on Friday and Saturday by appointment. You can get a preview by visiting our virtual pub in the window below.


Small Group Tour (1 Hour):

Our small group tours are limited to eight people and cost $10 each. Each participant will be guided through the brewery to learn about the brewing process and the particular challenges to operating a brewery within a mall.

Everyone will be offered samples during the tour and will be given a keepsake glass to bring home! Please call 414-423-1365 to set a reservation for a tour. Tours can be held any day of the week but are scheduled for 1pm and 3pm on Saturday typically.

Technical Tour (2+ Hours):

By appointment, our Proprietor and/or Head Brewer leads a small group of up to six people through the brewery explaining the technical details of the brewing process.

The cost for this program is $30 and includes some samples of beers and ingredients used in the brewing process. Participants will be given a keepsake pint glass to take home. Details of water treatment, grain preparation, and other technical details are presented and discussed. This is a great opportunity for those familiar with the brewing process to get deeper insight into the details of production brewing in a small group setting.


To join The Explorium Mugclub you pay a $120 entry fee with $40 annual renewals. You will receive a special, hand-turned, Wisconsin made, 20oz. Sunset Hill Stoneware mug with your mugclub number, membership card, and a t-shirt to make your friends jealous. Your new membership entitles you to your first mug fill on the house, a Crowler Can of your favorite beer to take home, and ongoing discounts and other benefits as outlined below. (Benefits may be amended from time to time, but we’ll always take care of you.)

Benefits include:

  • 20 oz. mug filled anytime at $1 off (or appropriately sized pours of higher ABV beers)
  • Member food discount of 10% Sunday – Thursday (applies to member’s food only and not specials or daily menus)
  • 10% discount on Explorium Merchandise (except special order)
  • At least one invitation-only Explorium Mugclub event per year
  • Early and discounted ticketing to Beer Dinners and Special Events held throughout the year
  • First opportunity to buy Special Release Bottles by advanced reservation
  • Enjoy similar privileges at other breweries owned by the Doble Family in FL or NC

Ask how to become a Lifetime Mug Club Member!

Click this link to learn about the benefits of Lifetime Mug Club Membership.