Yes, we are as tired of this pandemic as you are, AND we’re extremely grateful being back to work serving you! First of all thank you for your trust. We have made every effort to provide an environment that is safe and mitigates risk from the further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Our seating capacity has been reduced to provide for more space between parties and where tables are inevitably close together, physical barriers between tables have been erected. We have doubled down on facility sanitation and have provided staff and guests with hand sanitizer stations in high traffic areas.

Please note that we have asked our staff to maintain social distancing at all times; they love seeing you, but they will keep their distance. They will, of course, have to come into close proximity to you for service, but frequent hand washing, gloved hands when handling soiled dishes, and face coverings WILL be worn, and worn properly. In addition, our staff has been trained on how to properly manage these safety measures.

These safety measures are taken for our food and beverage preparation:

We have separated our staff into “clean-side” service, and “soiled-side” service.

You will notice more server assistants on the floor of the dining room and bar.

Our server assistants are split into two groups: running food (clean-side) and bussing tables (soiled-side).

If you do see servers or food runners handling soiled dishware or silverware, please know that they will wash and
sanitize their hands! We have done extensive training in cross contamination avoidance.

In our kitchen, all of our food preparation staff are wearing gloves and masks.

Our bar staff has been supplied with a bar-back for handling soiled glassware.


As mentioned above, our staff will maintain distance from guests. This is for their safety, as well as, yours, we please ask that you do the same and respect people’s space. Our staff is NOT the social distance police. We strive for a fun, relaxed environment, but disregard for social distancing guidelines not only makes others around you uncomfortable, it can jeopardize health and safety, and thus our ability to continue to serve you. So in short: have fun, maintain distance, wash your hands, wear a face covering when not at your seat, and most of all, be respectful of others space. Cheers!